Welcome to the family.


We invite anyone who is new, new-er, or just curious about New Beginnings Church to hang out with us during one of our Welcome Parties.


Welcome Parties are a time when you can connect and meet others who are new like you and get to know our Pastors, staff, administration and leadership.

What can I expect at a Welcome Party?


  Connect with people just like you who are new or new-er or curious about New Beginnings Church 

  Have an awesome free lunch

  Get the Vision from our Lead Pastor

  Hear about the different things New Beginnings Church offers

  Learn about the big things on the horizon at New Beginnings Church and next steps available

  Meet our Staff, Administration and Leadership Team

  Have all your questions (even the hard ones) answered

  If you have young kids, childcare is provided


Who can attend?


Welcome parties are open to everyone who attends here - whether you are new, new-er, been coming for awhile or curious about New Beginnings Church. Even if you decide not to call New Beginnings Church your home church, you are still welcome!


We'd also love to have any guests you'd like to bring with you! All we ask is that you RSVP so that we have enough food for everyone.


When is the Welcome Party?


We have Welcome Parties once a quarter or sometimes more frequently as needed. RSVP below to sign up for our next scheduled one.




For more information on our Welcome Parties, see Pastor Will